BJCFPS Staff Structure


If there are any issues, parents should speak to the class teacher in the first instance. If not satisfied then to the KS Head; then the Deputy Head; then the Head Teacher.














Head Teacher/ Principal – Rabbi Pearlman            

Deputy Head – Secular - Miss N Taylor   Mrs S Caplan;    Kodesh - Mrs L Caplan

Key Stage Heads –

Kindergarten – Miss Z Davis;     

Early Years – Secular -Mrs A Miller;     Kodesh - Mrs S Burton;

KS1 – Secular - Mrs N Jaysan;             Kodesh - Mrs L Caplan & Rebbe Jacobs 

KS2 –  Lower KS2 - Mrs T Pritchard;    Kodesh - Mrs L Caplan & Rebbe Jacobs

            Upper KS2 - Mr T Pritchard                                                        

Lunch time – Meals – Miss C Neild;     Welfare – Mrs C Shepherd

SENDCO (Special Needs) – Mr M Hadfield          Mrs A Miller

Office/ Finance – Mrs R Baker

Operations Manager - Mrs A Shuck


Safeguarding (S/G)

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) -  Mrs S Caplan

Deputy DSLs  -     Rabbi Y Pearlman    Miss N Taylor     Mrs M Deacon     Mrs M Anderson

Early Help -  Mrs M Anderson         Mrs A Miller

Pastoral Lead  –  Mrs M Anderson       

Mental Health and Well Being Lead     Mrs M Anderson

Operation Encompass (Dom Violence): Key Adults  -  Miss N Taylor    Mrs S Caplan

CFC - Cared for Children (previously LAC) – Miss N Taylor

Channel Lead (Prevent) – Mrs S Caplan

S/G Govs –      Mrs T Tabor         Mrs B Rice


If you have any concerns regarding any of the above issues, please speak to the named person.