The School serves the Orthodox Jewish community of Greater Manchester.  Applications to join the School are dealt with confidentially and as quickly as possible.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to look around the School and experience the happy atmosphere in which each child is encouraged to achieve his or her fullest potential.  The Principal is always happy to show prospective parents around the School, by appointment.

The School is delighted to welcome children whose families are understanding and supportive of the ethos of our School, in particular the centrality of Shemiras Shabbos (Shabbos observance).  Middos Tovos and Tznius in every aspect of daily life.  It is crucial that students experience no conflict between school and home.  The School therefore emphasizes the importance of parents appreciating its aspirations and asks the parents to work together with the School on these issues in order to benefit the education of the child as a whole.

For our school Admissions Policy which includes information regarding our school admissions process, please go to the Policies section of the website. 





Changes to Admission Consultation

Please see the attached documents, regarding the school's Changes to Admission Consultation: