Music Curriculum Statement


Our music curriculum has been specifically tailored to meet the unique context of our school. It is designed to be broad and balanced, providing all pupils with the opportunity to master their learning and deepen their knowledge, making sense and giving purpose as to why we learn about music.

At Broughton Jewish we believe that music helps to encourage pupils to express themselves and to become confident performers. The music curriculum allows pupils to gain compositional skills and pupils are given the opportunity to explore different instruments including voice and different types of musical genre. We recognise the importance of our music within the Jewish community and adapt our curriculum to suit the context of the school.

We aim to build high levels of competence in the subject specific skills of:

  • Performance
  • Compose
  • Transcribe and Describe



Music is taught through the framework of the 2014 National curriculum. The principles and content of its requirements have been carefully placed at the heart of the schools programme of study in music.  Music is embedded and enhanced through the teaching of songs with the Kodesh curriculum when learning about festivals and Jewish history. We evidence learning and progress in music across the year through the use of a curriculum book per year group.

In music, assessment of pupil progress is undertaken against the age-related expectations for music. This includes any final pieces of work and any whole class assessment that staff might undertake. Outcomes from these are used to inform teachers which areas have been covered and to what extent the year-group achieved the AREs. This combined with other forms of monitoring help to inform aspects of learning that need to be strengthened to improve the quality of provision and to enhance pupil progress.



A broad and balanced delivery of the music curriculum will allow pupils to:

  • become confident performers who have a good knowledge and understanding of how music is composed and developed.
  • learn how to play at least one instrument during their time at Broughton Jewish.
  • be able to use such skills to compose their own music as well as take inspiration from different genres and musicians.
  • be able to use their communication skills and PSHE learning describe their feelings about certain pieces of music.