Kodesh Informal Education at BJCFPS



Spring Term Update 2023 from Rebbe Jacobs: 

What have our BJPS pupils been getting up to this term? 


  • Year 6 visit Heathlands - A group of Year 6 boys went to Heathlands to perform a concert for the residents, well done, boys! 
  • Yom Ha'atzmaut - KS2 learnt about the map of Israel, and then went out to the playground to draw their own chalk maps!
  • Watch out for the clean speech project which we will be running in the next few weeks. Check out the amazing website - https://www.cleanspeech.co.uk/.
  • KS2 will be having a parent-child learning session at 8.45 on the 18th May.
  • Veshinantom for KS2 starts this Friday 5th May. This is an opportunity for the children to learn extra Mishnayos in their free time. Last year we had hundreds of hours of extra Torah being learnt!







22.9.22 - Update from Rebbe Colman:


Gift came in on Tuesday to help the children make Rosh Hashona cards. These will be given, along with honey cake and other presents for Yom Tov,  to needy families in the community. A big thank you to the charity Gift for this wonderful workshop!






September 2022 - A selection of images from the Reception Team:

Reception have been enjoying their weekly Shabbos party! The children are invited to wear their Shabbos clothes and take on the roles of Shabbos Mummy/Daddy or Shabbos Guest. This week, the team intertwined the children's Rosh Hashanah learning with their Shabbos party and gave the children the opportunity to try blowing the Shofar! 





July 2022 - Click the following link to watch a video of our Year 6 boys practising for their end of year Siyum celebration. Well done, boys!

Siyum Practise 



Year 4 learnt about the chain of Mesorah of the Torah. We looked at chain of Rebbe-Talmid starting with Moshe and going al the way to us, 128 links later! 



Over the course of the year, Year 6 have been creating Parsha summaries for each week. A different boy each week had to design an illustrated poster with a title, giving a guide to the week's Parsha. 





Shabbat UK March 2022 - Broughton Jewish pupils contributed to the making of the fantastic Shabbat UK 2022 video. Click the link below to watch schools across the UK come together in celebration for the Chief Rabbi's Shabbat UK 2022 launch:


Chief Rabbi's Shabbat UK 2022 Song  


Year 6 kicking off the Summer Term!

Year 6 have had a great start to their summer term with some fantastic art sessions! They have been channeling their creativity and making Perek Shira themed art! Well done children! They have also been writing and performing their own rap songs on Jewish history! Take a look at these great photographs below!




Yom Ha'atzmaut

Our children enjoyed Yom Ha’atzmaut with activities including artwork, crafts and of course a special Israeli lunch—thanks Mrs Shuck and Staff!  Some of the children made Israeli salad whilst others learnt a song with Rabbi Peles and KS1 built the Kotel with a message on each brick in the wall.  Thanks to him and to Benaya Cohen and all our staff for working so hard and making it so much fun.

Also, the whole school walked to Israel on Yom Ha’atzmaut and each paid £1 to join in the sponsored walk in aid of Ohel Sarah.

The Kindergarten Children have celebrated Israels Birthday we all made necklaces with Chai.




Kodesh Morning 9th April

On Tuesday 9th April, our talented year 6 children became teachers for the morning! They had worked hard in groups preparing Pesach-themed activities which were fun and educational, and on Tuesday morning the activities were enjoyed by years 3, 4 and 5. It was wonderful seeing our Year y children rising to the occasion and displaying their budding leadership skills!



Purim at BJCF!

The pupils helped to decorate our school for Purim making lots of paper chains and fun clown bunting! Well done!



Shabbat UK - March 2019

Click on the link below to watch a brilliant video of our Shabbat UK assembly at BJCF! 

Shabbat UK Video



Boys Challah Bake - Tuesday 26th February

What a fantastic morning at BJCF! Our boys did so well to make their own Challah! Great effort, boys!



BJCF Staff Visit Israel

In October 2018, Miss Taylor and Ms Davies were fortunate enough to travel out to Israel, with the help of the UJIA.  The primary purpose of our journey was to visit our partner school, HaRav Maimon in Shlomi, Western Gallil.  Ms Davies gave a slide-presentation to the children, explaining how life in Manchester/Salford is different from life in Israel, while Miss Taylor used real slides to teach a most engaging Maths lesson!

We were also able to visit significant sites in Northern Israel, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and met many lovely Israeli people from many different cultures.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel, our Year 4 and 5 pupils took part in and art project, organized by Look to Learn and supported by PaJes and the UJIA.  The whole school helped to collect recipes and migration stories from their families and we presented these in the form of a large pop-up book.  This was bound together by Year 6 pupils and taken to London, where it was put on display at the JW3 centre, as part of the Israel70 exhibition there.  Later, it was flown to Israel and exhibited at the Babylonian Heritage Centre as part of an international exhibition of children's work.

In February this year (2019), Ms Davies was thrilled to be nominated, then shortlisted, for an award organized by PaJes to celebrate Jewish teaching in British schools.  Her category was for promoting Israel Education and was overjoyed when she was announced as the winner.  The award brings with it grant of £5000 which we are currently planning to allocate to an immersive project to further to teaching of Israel Education at BJCFPS.  Watch this space for further developments...

Please click on the following link to view our school's UJIA plan for learning:







December 2018 - Chanukah at BJCF

Click on the link below to watch a fantastic video of our BJCF pupils singing a Chanukah song at our Chanukah themed assembly.

Chanukah Song


Israel turns 70!

Israel's 70th birthday was celebrated across BJCF in lots of different ways. One of the projects our children and their parents took part in was the creation of a fantastic recipe book, sharing all sorts of British and Israeli recipes from across the years. Click on the link below to watch a brilliant presentation of BJCF pupils sharing their hard work with the rest of the school at a special Israel themed whole school assembly.

BJCF 'Israel's 70th' Recipe Book