Operation Encompass


Operation Encompass does not replace or supersede existing safeguarding processes or protocols, rather it seeks to support these operationally. The Protocol will be followed in conjunction with Salford’s Safeguarding Children Board/Salford Safeguarding Partnership.

By sharing information under the Encompass model, children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse will have access to responsive support after a domestic abuse incident. The school will receive information when:

·        Police have been called out to a domestic abuse incident

·        The child is present in the household at the time of the incident

·        The child is of school age

If there is a serious situation which involves a 'Threat to Life' warning, school would be informed by the Police.

Salford LA have produced a short animation video which explains to children what Operation Encompass is and how their school Key Adult supports them following an incident of Domestic Abuse where the Police attended.  The animation may also be a useful tool to help when explaining Operation Encompass/domestic abuse, the child’s feelings and, how school will support them. Please click on the link below to watch the animation:

Operation Encompass - Salford Animation


The Key Adults at BJPS are Mrs S Caplan and Miss N Taylor.


Further information about Operation Encompass can be seen within our Safeguarding Policy, available in the Policies section of our website.


For more information and resources about Operation Encompass, please click on the link below: