BJCF Kindergarten


Welcome to our Kindergarten! The Kindergarten staff are: 


Miss Z Davis

Kindergarten Manager and Key Worker



Mrs R Myers

Kindergarten Deputy and Key Worker




Mrs J Creek

Kindergarten Key Worker




Miss A Haffner

Kindergarten Key Worker



At Broughton Jewish Kindergarten, we aim to promote and provide a positive, friendly, stimulating and healthy environment for all children, where key relationships are at the heart of the children’s development. Our aim is to provide the best possible outcomes for all of our children by providing care, learning and play of only the highest standards, therefore preparing children for their later stages of education, as well as focus on the here and now, celebrating what the children can do already, during some very important developmental phases in their time with us.

The children's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development is  worked  through a curriculum attuned to children's unique patterns of development. We believe children learn best in a clearly structured program which emphasizes creative expression through "hands-on" experiences, provides opportunities for play and encourages respect for others. Our goal is for children to become independent  to fulfill their potential. We are committed to building a strong sense of community between parents, teachers and children.  Celebrating Shabbos and Yom Tovtim teaches children the joy of  the Jewish culture and heritage. Children experience Shabbos and Yom tov parties as well as learning about the weekly Sedra through role play and songs.


Broughton Jewish Kindergarten's Ofsted reports are available to read HERE.




If you would like any further information about Broughton Jewish Kindergarten, please contact the school office and we will gladly help you.