Parental Surveys

It is important for us to understand that your child is happy at BJCFPS and enjoying their education with us.

Please click on the following link to access a survey of 18 statements. Parents are asked to indicate whether they strongly agree, agree, have neutral feeling, disagree or strongly disagree. This feedback helps our school to understand our parent community better and helps us to move forward. Thank you for your time.


Survey - Google Doc Link


Here are some of the wonderful things the parent body have shared with us so far...



  • Warm environment

  • Warm and supportive staff

  • Welcoming and friendly

  • Warm, caring, nurturing

  • Happy, family feel, friendly

  • Instils love of yiddishkeit

  • Caring and warm school

  • Amazing teachers

  • Caring and loving to the children

  • Happy place for kids

  • Warm, friendly

  • Warm, community feel, child centred

  • Warm, friendly, supportive