In the first term, I ran an art club for Reception. It was an opportunity to give the children a chance to develop their artistic talents as well as to discuss with me what they wanted to achieve within the club. One of the reasons the art club was created was to allow the children an informal time to meet outside of their busy classroom routines. The art club was open to all children within reception and it was so lovely to see the huge turn out every week. It was a great success and the children counted down the days till the following week.  The children enjoyed being expressive and creative and it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to mix with their peers. We have been focusing on using paint this term and relating it to different artists. We made leaf prints using recycled bottle lids dipped into paint.


We may have been left with paint splashes on the floors, doors and sinks but the main thing the children had lots of fun and learnt new skills. J


I hope to continue art club in the future and expand it within other year groups.