Special Education Needs (SEN)

The School is proud of its contribution to, and work with, those children with special educational needs in a range of areas.  Our BJCF SENCO oversees special educational needs education across our whole school, both Secular and Kodesh learning. Wherever possible we provide individual and in-class assistance and have designated staff to help and co-ordinate programmes for those requiring special assistance.  Similarly, those particularly talented and gifted children are identified wherever possible and are provided with an individually tailored programme of advanced learning intended to develop in accordance with that child’s specific talents. Please see our SEN policy and Gifted & Talented policy on our website's policies section. 

Click on this link to view the Local Offer.

Click on this link to view the SEN Information Report.

Please contact our SENCO, Mrs Angela Miller, on angela.miller@salford.gov.uk for further information regarding SEN in the BJCFPS.