For a full list of all our safeguarding personnel, please click HERE.


Any concerns out of hours should be directed to The Bridge at Salford on 0161 603 4500 or an email to


The welfare and safety of all those on site is paramount. We follow Safer Recruitment processes when employing staff.

Staff receive regular Child Protection and Safeguarding training, and are aware of how to monitor the children. In particular we focus on how to teach our children how to stay safe. This includes all aspects of online safety.

Staff last received Child Protection and Safeguarding training (whole school) on 1st September 2022.   

Volunteers are also reminded of the expectations with in this area.

It is important for parents to maintain open dialogues with their children so that should their child have any worries or fears they will feel comfortable and speak directly to their parents. ICT equipment needs very careful and strong defence mechanisms in place so that parents can be reassured about the activities their children get involved with. 

We are rolling out the NSPCC Programme, 'Talk PANTS and Stay Safe' to the children in school. Parents are advised to look at the following leaflets and to visit the NSPCC website where there are lots of resources that can help you. Please follow the links below:

NSPCC Talk About Pants

Worried About A Child In The Community?

Parents Guide To Talking

Child Friendly Leaflet

The NSPCC have a wealth of useful advice and information covering topics such as: On Line Safety, Relationships, Support for Parents, Children's Mental Health etc. Please click the following link to access the Keeping Children Safe section of their website - NSPCC KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE


Keeping Children Safe in Sport - NSPCC

Sport is a fantastic thing for children and young people. It helps them socialise, keeps them fit and more importantly can introduce them into an interest for life. One which will increase their quality of life far into the future, setting good habits and instilling values and self-discipline. Engaging with them in this manner can show them new directions for their lives and expand their opportunities. Unfortunately there are, like with anything, risks attached. Away matches, interactions with non-school staff such as coach drivers, out-of-school coaches and other personnel can create vulnerability windows that could be exploited. To help head off these potential problems, the NSPCC has created a page dedicated to offering guidance on how to keep pupils safe in sporting environments. To find out more please follow the link below:


For advice on how to keep your child safe from sexual abuse, please click on the link below for a useful website, with useful  guidance:



Our BJPS Safeguarding Policy, which includes the Operation Encompass procedure, is available for you to read in the Policies section.




In order to gain an overall view of the effectiveness of the Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding and Pupil Premium Policies, surveys will be carried out amongst children, parents, staff, governors and visitors. The information gathered will be analysed to see what is working well and what needs to be developed further. This will feed into action plans and targets across different departments.