Rabbi Yehuda Pearlman

Rabbi Yehuda Pearlman has been the Principal of BJPS since January 2013. In that time he has raised the bar for Kodesh teaching and learning to unprecedented heights. He has achieved this by putting into practice the Leadership skills he learnt whilst qualifying for an MSc with distinction in Education Leadership and Management and a PG Cert with distinction in Jewish Education. He is constantly striving to better his knowledge and skills and recently completed with distinction a Post Graduate Foundation Course in Systemic Practice. This course has empowered him to work with human systems, be they families or organisations.

As the eldest grandson of the late Chief Rabbi Lord Jakobovits he cares passionately about the future of Jewish Education in this country and has developed a very clear vison for Jewish Education in the 21 century.

He has presented numerous times at the National Conference for Jewish Studies Teachers, and as a Qualified Pikuach Inspector is a key member of the Pikuach working party currently developing criteria for Jewish Spiritual Development in Schools and rewriting the Pikuach Inspection framework to reflect those expectations.

The next step in the implementation of his vision is extending the good practice achieved at BJPS to the wider educational community in the UK, through the creation of a cluster group of similar schools looking to share and learn from each other.