What we do


The Broughton Jewish Opportunity Fund was formed 16 years ago by a group of parents, all of whom work on a voluntary basis, to raise much needed funds for the school.


The BJOF committee has worked hard over the years on a wide variety of fundraising events, including the school’s 70th anniversary gala dinner. The dinner was a huge success and a wonderful night of memories and entertainment for all those who attended.




Most recently the BJOF committee raised funds to support the building of our school’s newest extension. The extension is fantastic and most importantly has given our growing school the additional space required to meet the needs of all our learners.




Annually, the committee raises money through the ‘Year Book’ where adverts are sponsored by local businesses and parents of the school. The book is treasured by the children of the school and is a useful resource for teachers and parents. It is an effective fundraiser for the school.


The BJOF committee continue to run a successful Garden Party every summer. Click the following link to watch a montage of our most recent Garden Party - BJCF GARDEN PARTY 2022


In order to continue to fund all additional activities that the school offers and to continue to ensure the school retains its high standards in all areas of education, we need your support.


If you wish to contact BJOF, please send an email to info.BJOF@gmail.com and one of the members of the BJOF committee will get back to you as soon as possible.