The WellComm toolkits were designed and developed by Speech and Language Therapists at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, at BJPS, we use the WellComm toolkits to screen children for speech and language skills. All children are screened upon entry to Nursery. This program allows us to identify problems relating to speech and language early in order to address them through planned support interventions. These interventions are planned using the WellComm toolkit's 'Big Book of Ideas'.

Information relating to Wellcomm is shared with parents at both the 'New to Nursery' parents meeting and the 'New to Reception' parents meeting. 


If your child is in EYFS and you would like further information regarding WellComm, please initially contact your child's class teacher. If you are interested in finding out more about WellComm and your child is not in EYFS, please contact the school office and they will gladly forward your email on to the correct individual (either our EYFS lead or English curriculum lead). Thank you.  


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