Who’s Who

Rabbi Y J Pearlman

Rabbi Y J Pearlman - Principal

Miss N Taylor

Miss N Taylor - Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning

Mrs R Caplan

Mrs R Caplan - Deputy Head for Child and Staff Welfare

Mrs A Miller

Mrs A Miller - Acting SENCO and KS1 Leader

Rabbi R Jacobs

Rabbi R Jacobs - KS2 Kodesh Leader of Boys Learning, Teacher Y6

Miss S Rook

Miss S Rook - Early Years Leader of Learning

Mrs T Pritchard

Mrs T Pritchard - Lower Key Stage 2 Leader & KS2 Teacher

Mrs T Resnick

Mrs T Resnick - Leader of Girls Kodesh Learning

Mrs S Burton

Mrs S Burton - KS1 and EYFS Kodesh Manager

Mrs T Issacs

Mrs T Issacs - KS1 Teacher

Mrs H Scherer

Mrs H Scherer - Early Years TA

Mrs D Weinstein

Mrs D Weinstein - Early Years Kodesh Teacher

Miss L Potts

Miss L Potts - Early Years Teacher

Miss L Emerson

Miss L Emerson - Early Years Teacher

Miss A Ballin

Miss A Ballin - KS1 Teacher

Miss N Field

Miss N Field - KS1 Teacher

Mrs N Jaysan

Mrs N Jaysan - KS1 Teacher

Mrs B Marshall

Mrs B Marshall - KS1 & KS2 Teacher

Miss C Hadfield

Miss C Hadfield - KS1 Teacher

Mr M Hadfield

Mr M Hadfield - KS2 Teacher

Miss C Davies

Miss C Davies - KS2 Teacher

Miss N Greenberg

Miss N Greenberg - KS2 Teacher

Miss R Grimsditch

Miss R Grimsditch - KS2 Teacher

Miss J Ackernley

Miss J Ackernley - KS2 Teacher

Mr T Pritchard

Mr T Pritchard - KS2 Teacher

Mr M Cull

Mr M Cull - KS1 Teacher

Mrs V Cohen

Mrs V Cohen - KS2 Teacher

Mr D Hart

Mr D Hart - KS2 Teacher

Mrs R Golomb

Mrs R Golomb - Kodesh Teacher KS1

Mrs S Chocron

Mrs S Chocron - Early Years Kodesh Teacher

Rebbe S Kahn

Rebbe S Kahn - Kodesh Reading Teacher - All Key Stages

Mrs M Balshine

Mrs M Balshine - KS1 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs M Wilks

Mrs M Wilks - KS1 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs T Smith

Mrs T Smith - KS1 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs R April

Mrs R April - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Rebbe D Colman

Rebbe D Colman - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Rebbe M Feldman

Rebbe M Feldman - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs M Saunders

Mrs M Saunders - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs A Ben Ami

Mrs A Ben Ami - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs H Leitner

Mrs H Leitner - KS1 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs E Spitzer

Mrs E Spitzer - KS1 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs R Rosengarten

Mrs R Rosengarten - KS1 Kodesh Teacher

Rebbe M Gittleson

Rebbe M Gittleson - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Rebbe J Simons

Rebbe J Simons - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs H Grosskopf

Mrs H Grosskopf - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs S Shoshana

Mrs S Shoshana - Early Years Kodesh Teacher

Miss S Kachani

Miss S Kachani - KS1 Kodesh TA

Mrs A Buchsbaum

Mrs A Buchsbaum - Early Years TA

Miss R Greene

Miss R Greene - Early Years TA

Mrs S Sholem

Mrs S Sholem - Early Years Admin Assistant

Miss L Tesciuba

Miss L Tesciuba - KS1 TA

Miss R Shuck

Miss R Shuck - Early Years TA

Mrs G Alpert

Mrs G Alpert - Early Years TA

Mrs A Smith

Mrs A Smith - KS1 TA

Mrs R Varley

Mrs R Varley - KS1 TA

Mrs M Anderson

Mrs M Anderson - KS1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Jaffe

Mrs T Jaffe - SEN Support

Miss M Tepper

Miss M Tepper - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Mrs W Radnan

Mrs W Radnan - KS1 and Early Years TA

Mrs L Burns

Mrs L Burns - KS2 TA

Mrs S Loder

Mrs S Loder - TA Leader of Learning

Mrs J Reid

Mrs J Reid - KS2 SEN Assistant

Mrs K Piggott

Mrs K Piggott - Welfare

Mrs C Shepherd

Mrs C Shepherd - Welfare Supervisor

Mr I Cohen

Mr I Cohen - Bursar

Mrs P Freedman

Mrs P Freedman - Finance Assistant

Mrs J Field

Mrs J Field - Admin Staff

Mrs M McGinty

Mrs M McGinty - Admin Staff

Mrs R Smith

Mrs R Smith - Admin Staff

Mr P Scott

Mr P Scott - Site Manager

Mrs A Maman

Mrs A Maman - Cook

Mrs A Shuck

Mrs A Shuck - Kitchen Supervisor

Rebbe S Tepper

Rebbe S Tepper - Kodesh Teacher KS2

Mrs D Kay

Mrs D Kay - Kodesh Teacher KS1

Mrs M Gaffin

Mrs M Gaffin - Welfare

Mrs S Singh

Mrs S Singh - Welfare

Mrs G Zieder

Mrs G Zieder - Welfare

Mrs M Clarke

Mrs M Clarke - Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Warren

Mrs J Warren - Kitchen Staff

Mrs L Baker

Mrs L Baker - KS1 TA

Mrs C Rose

Mrs C Rose - KS2 Teacher

Mrs N Brennan

Mrs N Brennan - KS2 Teacher

Mrs R Frankel

Mrs R Frankel - Early Years TA

Miss B Dematos

Miss B Dematos - Welfare

Miss A Dematos

Miss A Dematos - Welfare

Ms Esther Weinstein

Ms Esther Weinstein - KS2 TA

Mrs H Cusick

Mrs H Cusick - Finance Manager

Mrs R Salomon

Mrs R Salomon - Early Years TA

Mrs M Deacon

Mrs M Deacon - KS2 Leader of Learning

Miss T Kahn

Miss T Kahn - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Miss C Saunders

Miss C Saunders - KS1 TA

Rebbe A Richman

Rebbe A Richman - KS2 Kodesh Teacher

Miss E Berghash

Miss E Berghash - KS2 Kodesh TA